Taking the first steps towards CSR

If you are interested in learning about CSR we can help you get started.

On the CSR Hub you will find a range of information including contacts of useful organisations and guidance documents.

If you are new to this subject, a good starting point could be to conduct a review of your business using the CSR Dimensions set out in the Plan, or other CSR resources available from organisations such as Chambers Ireland, or Business in the Community Ireland.

The examples of best practice in the National Plan can help you identify areas where you already have programmes in your enterprise that are under the CSR umbrella, although you may not think of them as such. For example you might already provide work experience for interns (Community Pillar) or flexible working arrangements for your staff (Workplace Pillar).

Using the range of CSR resources available you can establish what the impacts of your business are in different areas, for example on environmental issues, employee relations, relationships with customers and suppliers, and the impacts of your business on your local and wider communities.  

Additional resources are available below


This website is a central repository of information and will signpost you to the area most relevant area for you.