The Community

Community Drop

When enterprises visibly invest in their communities, they become a place where people want to work. Community based CSR activity can generate economic and social vibrancy in the local area.

Business activities in the community play an important role in local development and can often create job opportunities for people, including for those with a disability or socially disadvantaged people.

CSR in the Community presents many opportunities for organisations to work with the community and to establish successful partnerships to benefit the local community and its people. Large corporates can offer initiatives such as pro bono services, sponsorships and donations, while small-medium and micro enterprises have a unique set of traits that can blend with their respective communities, creating a more personal relationship with shared values.

This mutually beneficial relationship between enterprises in Ireland and their local communities illustrates CSR at work: businesses can give back to their local communities and in turn the communities will support the business as loyal customers, employees and stakeholders with a vested interest in supporting its growth and success.