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The Deloitte volunteering programme is an integral part of our Global “WorldClass” initiative. A commitment globally to prepare 50 million futures by 2030 for a world of opportunity in-line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In Ireland we are delivering through an established volunteering programmes available in partnership with five charities who have an education focus: Age Action, Early Learning Initiative (ELI), Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI), Solas Project, and Suas. Each of these organisations works with people from under-resourced or isolated backgrounds to provide additional support ensuring that they are afforded equal opportunities. We recognise that learning and education is not limited to younger generations which is why we have chosen to partner with the above organisations to make an impact in education and skills development across the lifecycle, and for all age groups. We facilitate these programmes by providing people with time off during the working day to take part in the various programmes available. This is in addition to five working days towards participation in an overseas volunteer programme with Nurture Africa.

On IMPACT Day, Deloitte’s flagship volunteering day, people can volunteer for the entire day or a portion of it – last year almost 800 people volunteered.
Our total annual volunteering hours are c 10,000.

How does this volunteering initiative support the community?
We provide a variety of volunteering projects that can support various community groups in a number of different ways:
· Positive role models for young people through the Career Ready mentoring programme with Junior Achievement.
· Mock interviews and CV workshops with JA for students at critical times in the school years.
· Computer literacy classes in partnership with Age Action.
· Volunteers with a passion for reading support for those in school that are just above the group that receive extra resource teaching on the Suas literacy programme.
· Skilled volunteers for the ELI computer coding programme.
· Motivated, enthusiastic volunteers for a variety of programmes including the Junior Achievement in school programmes, The Solas Project Dragon’s Den competition, tag rugby and experiences in Universities For A Day.
· Provision of a space free of charge which enables charities deliver services to their users.

All Deloitte staff are given the opportunity to get involved with volunteering activity. Our volunteering policy also allows people to take part in their own volunteering programmes where we match half of the leave for overseas volunteering and also give up to two days matched leave for any approved volunteering in Ireland. This is in addition to the hours available for IMPACT Day and the Nurture Africa programme.

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Our volunteering contributes to the achievement of the SDGs
Quality Education – the time spent by our people with those who are supported by the charities contributes a better quality of education.
Decent work and economic growth – by providing supports for better education, we are helping to improve people’s lives to access decent work opportunities. Through our mentoring programmes, we are inspiring and motivating young people.
Reduced inequalities – by supporting education programmes and volunteering in selected schools, we are providing equal opportunities to people in under-resourced communities and therefore reducing inequalities.
Partnerships for the Goals – working together with the charities for our volunteering programmes who are striving to alleviate poor literacy levels, provide better education, motivate and mentor young people while providing better access to opportunities.

Our Volunteering and Impact reports can be found on our website and at Our staff are energised by this program, the charities are great partners and we are living our Purpose, Making an Impact that Matters.