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ARUP Community Engagement Programme

Arup are an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. Community engagement is an important part of the culture at Arup and a spirit of volunteering is core to this.

Arup encourages their staff to consider volunteering, especially using their specialist skills, to contribute to their community engagement programme. Arup find that even a small number of hours can make a big difference if resources are combined in a well-focused manner. Volunteering benefits the community and also provides great satisfaction to the individual. It also provides a different setting to interact with colleagues and to get to know each other in a way which may not otherwise occur in a normal work situation.

The work Arup have done to date includes the Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice Double Room extension. This was a simple extension which allowed for a double medical bed in a double room. Until now the parent of an end of life child had to sit in a chair beside the bed or sleep on the floor, this double bed allows the parent to sleep beside their child if only just for cuddles.

Extensive details of Arup’s community work in Ireland and internationally can be found on the Arup Community Engagement website.

Irish Life GAA Partnership 

 Irish Life Partner with the GAA to Promote the Healthy Club Project

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, Irish Life have invested greatly to the GAA's Healthy Club Project.

Irish Life's commitment will greatly enhance the project’s positive influence on the health and wellbeing of GAA clubs, their members, and the communities they serve. The initial commitment by Irish Life saw the scheme move from its pilot stage to a phased national roll-out making it available to clubs across the 32 counties.

The Healthy Clubs project, run in partnership with the Department of Health, the HSE and the National Office for Suicide Prevention, was designed to empower GAA club members and the local community to better understand and maintain their health. The aim of the GAA's partnership with Irish Life is to ensure that this project achieves its full potential, continues to be thoroughly evaluated, and impacts positively on the lives of thousands of Irish people. The partnership seeks to ensure that finance is not a barrier to achieving this.

What are the benefits of the partnership?

The benefits of the partnership to the GAA are significant. Irish Life’s investment of €1m means that the GAA has been able to grow its Healthy Clubs project and its commitment to the wellbeing of its members, without having to divert significant amounts of its financial income from core games and player development activities.

It also means that the GAA can afford to have the project comprehensively evaluated. Any resources developed and implemented are coming from a solid evidence base, which has the potential to enhance future funding applications to government or other funding bodies. Most importantly, the funding has enabled the benefits of the programme to reach a much wider audience than would otherwise have been possible.

It is apparent that Irish Life is genuinely committed to the well being of individuals and to the communities all over Ireland. Through their work on the National Steering Committee of the Healthy Clubs project, they ensure adequate input into future plans, and have fostered close working relationships with representatives of various statutory health bodies.

The partnership with the GAA offers engagement opportunities for Irish Life's 2,000+ staff to support Healthy Club activities, and to assist the company in replicating a Healthy Club style programme for its staff. The relationship was also recognised and shortlisted in the top three CSR partnerships at the annual Sports Industry Awards in Ireland in 2015.

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ISPCC Childline and the Vodafone Ireland Foundation recently announced a major five year partnership that aims to keep children safe by keeping them connected. The Partnership will:

  • provide the charity with €2million in direct funding from the Vodafone Foundation over five years
  • provide a commitment to covering the call costs for the Childline service for ten years until 2026
  • update Childline's technologies and service infrastructure to modernize and broaden out access to the service in line with the changing needs of children
  • offer additional resources including Vodafone's 'Be Strong Online Programme', to support children and parents through some of the issues they face in today's digital society
  • leverage and engage Vodafone's 2000 employees to raise further funds for Childline


In 2014 ISPCC's unique support service for children and young people responded to almost 500,000 calls and online contacts. Over the last 10 years, Childline has experienced a 75% increase in children seeking support online. Through this new partnership, with Vodafone's support, the charity will now be in a position to develop a new total communications infrastructure which will improve children's access to Childline and provide a 24 online digital platform.

Vodafone's 'Be Strong Online Programme', will offer support on issues ranging from bullying to online privacy and can be accessed online This programme will mean that children will now have a range of resources offering support and advice on cyber safety at their fingertips whenever they need it.

This partnership will enable the ISPCC to give every child the connection they need, when and where they need it most. Vodafone are delight to partner with Childline to work with them to transform their unique and invaluable service, to ensure that when children reach out for help they can connect with Childline in whatever way they choose, via a call or a text or an instant message. Through this partnership Vodafone plan to build young people's resilience and awareness online, and to help them navigate their world and cope with issues that confront them with a new confidence.

For more information about Childline, click here

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Musgrave Group’s corporate values are so simple a child can understand them. It’s why they are so effective. The entire operation is built on a platform of five simple values clearly stated; the development of long term, stable relationships; honesty; hard work; achievement and ‘not being greedy’.

Corporate social responsibility is “fundamental” to this. For Musgrave's CSR is about having clear values and a clear way of working that is responsible and sustainable. It’s about doing the right thing and it sits at the heart of their business. Read more about Musgrave's story here



Allianz Business to Arts Awards

The Allianz Business to Arts Awards recognize businesses, artists and arts organisations that develop creative partnerships bringing the arts and artists into mutually beneficial relationships across society.  The Allianz Business to Arts Awards Digital Magazine is 55 pages full of case-studies, resources and great stories of arts and business partnerships.  It shares stories of the projects celebrated at this year's Awards, which took place on Tuesday, 1 September 2015.  Follow the links below to view two such case studies:

KPMG Partnership with St. Michael's House and Bord Gáis Energy Student Theatre Awards