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CSR Actions at Pramerica Systems Ireland Ltd in response to the impact of COVID-19


Sector: FinTech Services

Location: Letterkenny Co. Donegal

No. of Employees: 1,800

Website: www.pramerica.ie

Twitter: @Pramerica_Ire

Does your company/organisation have a CSR Strategy?

Yes - Pramerica have a significant CSR Strategy under the responsibility of David Roche, Director FinTech Services & Head of Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR Initiative (brief description of activity including; people or situation impacted)

CSR strategy is structured under 3 key pillars/drivers:

  1. a) Brand & Reputation
  2. b) Academia Partnerships & Talent eco-system
  3. c) Community Engagement

Pramerica have senior leaders & volunteers fully committed to Pramerica’s CSR Strategy & the development of the 17 SDGs with a focus on impact & outcomes.

Resources required e.g. people, finance

Under our CSR Strategy, Pramerica have leaders & volunteers in all the above key pillars/drivers, together with an annual Financial Budget afforded to CSR. Over the years CSR is part of Pramerica’s DNA, and all employees are invited to participate in volunteering/pro bono contributions at our annual Town Hall event.

How have you communicated this activity to the public?  e.g. company website, social media

Yes - Pramerica engages all forms of media in our region.

Which of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) apply to your CSR activity?

Under our CSR Strategy 2020 - we have developed a significant emphasis of practice on most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of our SDG’s strategy, one of our employees (is ex-UN) & co-leads the most impactful of the SDGs outlined in our strategy.

Furthermore, Pramerica’s new campus is a very environmentally conscious build, & accordingly, we retain & practice all aspects of green environmental protocols.

Also, as a guideline, the following SDGs are part of our ongoing development SDG plan;

SDG #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #13, #15, #16 & #17.

Do you report on CSR in your Annual Report?

Yes - Pramerica CSR report annually to our parent company, Prudential Financial U.S.

Four Dimensions of CSR for Ptools

Four dimensions of CSR – Environment, Community, Workplace and Marketplace.

Select one or more that apply to your CSR activity and why?

As previously stated, Pramerica have a significant CSR strategy & whilst we fully engage in all four dimensions, due to the urgency of Covid-19 global crisis & the challenges we all face, we have targeted our immediate focus on the Community, Workplace & Marketplace.

Pramerica CSR set up a COVID-19 response team the week commencing March 17th & once approved - all Actions commenced on Thursday March 26th .

I set out below a few examples of Pramerica’s immediate response to the Covid-19 crises:

Pramerica Joining a National Effort to Donate to #PledgeScrubs

Moville Clothing Company, Co Donegal:

Moville Clothing Company purposefully changed their clothing production to produce top and trousers scrub sets at a non-profit cost, vitally helping front-line health worker. As part of this national effort a #PledgeScrubs GoFundMe page was set up to support the company. Pramerica CSR generously donated to this worthy fund. All donations will be used to make and deliver scrubs to nurses and teams dealing with the crisis of Covid-19 in the HSE & NHS. The funds will be used on the Island of Ireland and distributed directly to health care workers.

Letterkenny Hospital PPE Donation:

Pramerica made a donation of face-masks/sanitizers to Letterkenny Hospital.

COVID-19 is a global crisis, a pandemic that has impacted each of us is some way, and when we are faced with such an emergency there is an essential need to help in whatever capacity you are able. Pramerica Corporate Social Responsibility and other areas of Pramerica have made the following contributions to local organizations:

Pramerica & Regional Donations:

We Care LK Food Bank:

Pramerica CSR asked Pramerica employees for suggestions on ways they would like to see Pramerica help the local community during Covid-19. There was overwhelming support to contribute to Letterkenny Food Bank, an organization whose mission is to meet the emerging social needs of families and individuals in Donegal. We hope our generous donation will have a significant impact within our community, helping those who are most vulnerable.

Cancer Care West Respite Centre Letterkenny:

Pramerica is one of the early fundraiser founders of the CCW Respite Centre in Letterkenny. The organization opened in 2016, and since this, Pramerica CSR is proud to support CCW, through our volunteers & donate funds to such a vital facility through annual contributions. In COVID-19 lockdown, CCW Respite Centre closed for patient treatment under HSE guidelines. In this time, the organization reached out to Donegal fundraiser founders seeking help to support the organization during this challenging period. In response, Pramerica CSR increased its annual donation of funds and accelerated the process, making sure the donation was received quickly.

Irish Wheelchair Association:

Pramerica made a charitable donation to this association in Letterkenny to aid their home support services, which is a vital support system in this time of cocooning and community care.

Pramerica - Keeping Your Mind Active:

Volunteering through Technology #VTT:

This is an internal Pramerica competition to engage employees and their families during Covid-19 lockdown period. Volunteering through Technology asks entrants to come up with design ideas on how to help people, through technology, as a virtual volunteer. This competition aims to be a fun and interactive discussion in your home that equally helps encourage and promote a positive outlook during these unprecedented times. Winners receive prizes/donations to a charity of their choice to help those in Heath Care/Front-line workers.

North West Words:

Pramerica CSR is an ongoing sponsor of North West Words, an organization who engage with schools nationwide in a reading and writing initiative. Covid-19 has forced North West Words, like many other organizations, to close physical operations until further notice. To maintain momentum for the organization during this time, Pramerica CSR, through established relationships with primary and secondary schools & their Principals, are actively working on running a competition for Donegal students to keep people engaged with the initiative while schools remain closed.

Network Fridays:

Every Friday, DR/CSR networks-virtual through email/skype with all Pramerica’s partnerships, particularly, Donegal 27 secondary school principals / 175 primary Schools principals. Also with our partnerships in National Universities, Educational Institutes & Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) e.g. NUI Galway, IT Sligo, LYIT, GMIT, Ulster University, Queen’s University, Dublin City University, Trinity College, TU Dublin, NCI (National College of Ireland), Adapt/CeADAR, SFI, NUI Maynooth, University College Dublin, University Limerick) to assist in any way during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pramerica’s annual contribution to the community/charitable projects, locally in our region?

Number of hours over the year          - 16000 hrs (400x40)

Pro bono contribution                        - Pramerica CSR engages professionals offering their services in areas of Academia input/guest lecturing /academic projects/mentoring/ICT/FinTech cluster groups meetings/workshops/Tech webinars etc

Download a copy of the case study as a .pdf

Case Study provided by:

Pramerica Systems Ireland Ltd

May 2020