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The CSR Stakeholder Forum

In 2014, the Government published its first National Plan on Corporate Social Responsibility - "Good for Business, Good for the Community". Following this, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Stakeholder Forum was established to drive the Plan’s objectives, inform further development of the CSR policy framework in Ireland, and to ensure that the National Plan on CSR remains relevant to evolving international best practice and thinking.

The Stakeholder Forum brings together representatives of the business sector, the public sector other key stakeholder and the wider community. Here is a list of the CSR Stakeholder Forum member organisations.

The role of the Stakeholder Forum is to assist with achieving the following objectives identified in the National Plan on CSR. The objectives are as follows:

  • Increase awareness of CSR, its value to businesses and to society as a whole
  • Encourage enterprises to develop and implement CSR policies and practices and mainstream them into their core business operations
  • Encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises to build CSR capacity
  • Increase transparency and reporting of CSR activity by enterprises operating in Ireland
  • Anchor CSR principles in public bodies in the context of their own operations
  • The Forum will also assist with the first formal review of the National Plan on CSR, which is due to take place in 2016
  • The Forum may also undertake other tasks to support the development of CSR in Ireland


A selection of presentations made at previous meetings of the CSR Stakeholder Forum are available for download as PDFs.