BH Consulting - CSR SME Case Study

Team at BH Consulting

Above: Team Members at BH Consulting

BH Consulting is an independent advisory firm in the area of cybersecurity and data protection. Our team of 10 fulltime and 6 part time staff has decades of experience in many aspects of security, risk management, compliance, data protection and training. We’ve delivered projects in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the United States, and globally, spanning industry sectors from finance, government, pharmaceutical, media and security, to telecoms, manufacturing, technology, health, NGOs, and law enforcement.

We are proud to be a diverse, equal- opportunity employer. BH Consulting is deeply committed to being a socially responsible business. At least 10% of our work during every fiscal year is pro bono for registered charities and educational establishments. We also run staff and customer events throughout the year to raise funds for nominated charities.

For registered charities and NGOs we provide our services pro-bono or at significant discounts. We have worked with organisations such as Trócaire, Focus Ireland, The Make-A-Wish Ireland Foundation, Jack & Jill, and The Rape Crisis Centre. For those organisations we have provided consulting in the area of:
• Cybersecurity & Data Protection – assisting the organisations improve the security around the data of their beneficiaries, staff and donors, bearing in mind the budgetary constraints they have. 

• Incident Response – for other organisations we assisted in dealing with a breach in their computer systems, whether via a hack on their website or on their network. Our assistance enabled these organisations to recover their systems quickly and to continue providing their services.
• Protection of Individuals – in some cases we assisted individuals identify malicious tracking and spying software on their devices by conducting forensic examinations of their devices. Some of these cases related to vulnerable individuals being stalked, while others were under threat due to their work and profile. 
All BH Consulting staff are given a budget of €500 each year which the company will donate to a charity of their choice.

Our CSR program has helped build a better team spirit within the company. By working with charities and NGOs, members of the team get to feel their work has real value and impact on the lives of others. In particular, when working on sensitive cases where individuals are under threat and the work we do can help alleviate that threat.

The CSR program has also been a great tool in helping select new members of staff as it is seen by then as a differentiator when selecting us as their employer. It has also helped us select the right people for the team as we favour candidates who openly support the program during the interview process.

We proudly promote our CSR program as part of all our proposals and sales and marketing materials and several clients have given us positive feedback on our program. Some clients have also told us our CSR program was a key factor in them selecting us as their cybersecurity partner.

Most charities approach us due to word of mouth from other charities or businesses they deal with. When we are approached by a charity we determine that they are a genuine charity, e.g. looking up their registration number. We then agree the amount of work they require and then agree an appropriate rate. For many charities this work will be done pro-bono (particularly smaller charities) or at significant discounts. We often find ourselves in a situation where we are trying to negotiate our prices down while the charity negotiates it up. In some cases when we see from the media that a charity has suffered a security issue we approach them to offer our services.

At the end of each year all staff, whether full-time or part-time, are given an allocation of €500 to donate to a charity of their choice. Staff nominate their charity, it has to be a registered charity that we can verify from Ireland, and the company then donates to those charities. This is on top of our annual sponsorship of a star on the Focus Ireland Christmas tree.