• DHR Communications: CSR commitment an integral part of business model

    At DHR Communications, we have chosen to make our CSR commitment an integral part of all our work. Our team shares a strong value system, which is reflected in our work in the Dublin 8 community and beyond.

  • The Little Milk Co. - Building Healthy and Sustainable Communities

    We have asked our team to get involved in their community to foster growth and invest in healthy communities. We have funded and are organising, promoting and running Mental Health Workshops for the community of West Waterford.

  • 3fe Coffee Ltd.- Company wide project engaging with the Circular Economy

    We have a company-wide project engaging in the circular economy, whether through inventive solutions to food waste at the cafes, or finding new uses for industrial waste at the roastery.

  • Keystone Procurement

    Keystone Procurement is a specialised procurement advisory business established in 2014. Our aim is to be innovative in the solutions that we propose to clients.Our ethos when it comes to inclusive employment is that we do not have a specific policy, it is just what we do. Culture is what you do every day, it is in our nature to treat staff equally and to embrace diversity.

  • Achill Island Sea Salt

    Achill Island Sea Salt was founded with the ethos of harnessing our local resources to create a sustainable product. We aim for sustainability in all operations, efficient use of renewable and non-renewable resources and to act with a social and moral character. Sustainability is embodied within our company culture.

  • The Q Café Company

    The Q Café Company was established in 1999 by Breda Quigley, Managing Director, with the objective of bringing a high-class café style environment into a select market. The company employs 150 people and operate nationwide. The company's core values are built around serving great food.

  • BH Consulting - CSR SME Case Study

    BH Consulting is an independent advisory firm in the area of cybersecurity and data protection employing 10 fulltime and 6 part time staff.